Sellers get a smooth ride.

Maximize returns and minimize the vehicles in your lot.

We know dealing with unclaimed vehicles takes you away from building a profitable business. Joyride makes it easier to get fair market value for more unclaimed autos, faster.
Our auction platform automates selling impounded vehicles in bulk, including lien processing and compliance, and provides on-demand sale progress updates.

List vehicles in minutes

The Joyride desktop and mobile app guides you through listing vehicles. Include photos, choose dropdown descriptions, and save your 100% electronic "paper" trail. Joyride automates the process, end-to-end, so you can sell sooner.

We bring demand

We target high value bidders, everyone you already know plus new buyers ranging from dismantlers to hobbyists found on social media.

Leave lien processing to us

For a small fee and the check of a box, Joyride prepares and processes documents for title purchase, lien sale, and ownership transfer. And with VIN verifiers and notaries public on staff, we ensure compliance with all regulations, state by state.

Cut costs, grow returns

Operate your own impound vehicle auctions, process liens, and market to potential buyers nationwide, all without hiring any staff. In fact, Joyride reduces paperwork and time to sale, so you can more easily get value from the vehicles sitting on your lot.

What sellers are saying

Frank Mecklenburg

AutoReturn Indianapolis

"Joyride was exactly what we needed to level the bidder playing field. It put a stop to collusion and on-site intimidation, increased competitive bidding, and finally allowed our vehicles to reach the prices we knew they should be reaching."

Eduardo Deir

AutoReturn San Francisco

"Joyride provided our San Francisco auction with a wider client base. Profits are no longer limited by number of customers that can physically visit our site, and our customers have enjoyed being able to bid from anywhere on their mobile devices."

Alex Alanis

San Antonio

"We have expanded our bidder base and increased the competitiveness of our auctions. Bidding is more competitive even though people cannot physically attend our auctions."

Move Your Auctions Online

with Joyride

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